Simple Blockchain Primer--for beginners

Here are some primers about blockchain and related topics explained in a simple language. 

  • What is Blockchain?

In a simple word, Blockchain is to record information in an unhackable and irreversible system. Its immutable and time stamp features are validated through bitcoin or other cryptos by peer-to-peer work.

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Understand the future, NOW

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Blockchain is the technology of next generation that allows digital information to be immutable, unhackable, and decentralized.

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Digital Main Street: Future Proofing Niagara

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Are you a main street business looking for the right digital tools and technologies to help you survive and thrive in a digital world?  

It’s no secret that in recent years, consumer patterns have shifted to include more online spending. While many consumers prefer to support local businesses and Canadian products, the modern urban lifestyle often prioritizes the convenience of an online experience. Compounded by COVID-19 closures and ongoing restrictions, the need to have a robust online presence has never been more urgent.  

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Why Canada is unlocking its vault of maple syrup

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Maple syrup

Canada's maple syrup industry has become an international focus with headlines shouting that the country has been forced to tap into its strategic reserve to make up for shortages. CBC Explains the purpose of this reserve and why it had to be tapped into, and whether there was really a shortage of maple syrup.