A True Fact About Africa Facing COVID-19

A True Fact About Africa Facing COVID-19

On Wednesday March 18th, WHO General Manager warned Africa "to prepare for the worst" with the virus.

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The spring is here and your automobile is in real need of attention! Are you ready? 

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Here are a few spring vehicle maintenance tips provided by our Automotive Service Experts 

It has been a milder but long winter this year, and for most people a prolonged hibernation due to the present isolation situation because of the pandemic has taken a toll on the entire world. 

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Never mind the deficit?

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Never mind the deficit?

Canada is spending a tremendous amount of money to get the country through the COVID-19 pandemic, but a growing movement says we can shed our old worries about the federal deficit. Modern monetary theory argues that since we control our own currency, the country can create more money and never go broke. Today, Front Burner examines this controversial idea and how it relates to Canada.