Revisiting the Digital Divide and e-Readiness in the Time of Pandemic

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The term “Digital Divide” is often used to describe the discrepancy in access, usage and skills related to information and communication technology (ICT). Since the advent of the internet, several scholars have studied the digital divide as an important social and economic issue affecting regions, nations, communities, institutions and individuals. Some of my colleagues and I have also examined and developed different approaches to measuring the digital divide and e-government readiness of nations in an attempt to derive policy implications and strategies.  

Team-Building Activity: Embrace change and preserve stability

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By Tim Arnold

As a busy leader, we understand how hard it can be to find the time to develop your team. This is why each month we provide you with a do-it-yourself team-building idea that is easy to deliver and proven to be effective. Enjoy!

Successful organizations learn to manage the tension between embracing change and preserving stability. Here is a graphic that will allow you to see this tension more clearly:



TORONTO - September 23, 2020 - (

UTU Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its BETA testing site from its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada, for an advanced social media platform based on the most innovative and secure blockchain technology.

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John Kokkinos - An artist with a mind of future 

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John Kokkinos' IMPACT solo art exhibition will be held on October 18th to December 13th at Rockway Vineyards Golf Course.

John’s immigrated to Canada in 1963 from Greece. His interest in art began early in his life with drawing and painting from the great masters. 

Over the years his work has evolved from figurative to abstract. Since 2010 the subject of digital air waves transmitted by computers, has inspired him, as they are moving in all directions, speeds, and size. His approach to painting is complex, very similar to the subject. 

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