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Data presented by BuyShares indicate that Asian tech investments in Europe and the United States stand at $11.9 billion. The investment was recorded between Q1 and Q3 2020. 

2020 records more deals despite declined funding

In Q1 2020, the investment was at $4.4 billion. During Q2, the investments stood at $1.9 billion, During Q3, the investment was $5.6 billion, a growth of 194.73% from the previous quarter.  

On a year-over-year basis, the investment has dropped by 39.95% after recording $19.7 billion in total investments in 2019. During Q1 last year, the investment was at $9 billion, while in Q2, it was $8 billion, and by Q3, the investment plunged to $2.7 billion. 

Furthermore, during the first three quarters of 2020, more deals were finalized. As of Q3 2020, the total deals stood at 304, while last year, the number was 292.  

Despite the number of deals remaining high this year, the investment dropped due to several factors like the pandemic. According to a research report:

"At the start of the year, activities in the sector from Asia began positively, but the onset of the coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact. The deal's ecosystem was hampered since the US's flow, and Europe was threatened. Generally, the pandemic suppressed overseas investment trends. The crisis forced companies to slash investment in the two regions."

The research also reviewed the top five Asian activities in Europe and America by deal volume as of Q3 2020. In both regions, Software remains the leading activity with 12 deals in Europe and 32 in the US.  Fintech is second with a deal volume of 12 in Europe while in the US, the figure is at 13. 

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