Submitted by Business Link Web on Thu, 11/19/2020 - 11:19

Founded in 2003, Business Link Media Group is an innovative marketing and publishing firm focused on serving the Golden Horseshoe business community by combining innovation, creativity, and experience.

From the beginning, Business Link Media Group has been committed to delivering high value-added solutions, connecting with its audience on a more meaningful level, and ensuring that all our clients are well informed.

We’ve developed countless publications over the years including magazines, newspapers, programs for events, direct mail, and cutting edge digital / social media campaigns; we are an eclectic, solution-driven firm.

Year 2020 is a turning point for Business Link Media Group as we broaden our horizons with digital production, video production, and reaching out to overseas markets in Asia and Africa.

While 2020 has been challenging for most businesses, it has also presented opportunities to explore new ways of reaching customers, increasing awareness, and garnering loyalty. Business Link Media Group can help your business turn obstacles into opportunities and make your vision a reality.

Digital Production

In 2016, we launched our first digital publication. Digital publications reach more viewers, are more diversified, often more creative, and have a higher value to businesses targeting younger audiences. Through our digital publications, we can offer a wider variety of solutions, giving you more freedom of expression.


The Business Link, our digital publication, is released 12 times each year, and distributed to businesses in the Niagara region, and beyond. We bring a healthy mix of timely articles from around the world, alongside local stories, and high-quality advertisements; we bring new insights and a new reading experience to our audience, and we want you to be part of it.

Video Production

As digital media shifts from static text and images towards video and moving images, we too have made the transition into video production. The 2020 edition of ’40 Under Forty’ Business Achievement Award for the Niagara region highlighted our creativity and strength in video production, reaching thousands of viewers in a short period of time – far beyond what we have historically achieved in physical venues.

We launched a new video series, ‘The Atrium’ with DeLuca Leadership and Spark Niagara, hosted by Sheila DeLuca. The Atrium looks at positive, optimistic, and inspirational stories from local entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders. The program shares unique stories that encourage viewers, instils a feeling of delight, and has already garnered a loyal following.

We have also launched a custom commercial video production service to meet the unique needs of our clients. We combine in-depth communication, site visits, active input from clients, and post-production editing to ensure that our clients’ vision is realized, and that their audience is aware and informed. Our commercial video production services can help your business or organization whether it is in retail, healthcare, catering, travel/tourism, wine and beverages, or any business to customer or business to business environment; in brief, we can help you reach your audience more easily, and more effectively.

Niagara promotion

We have a deep love and appreciation for the Niagara Region, the wonderful people here, and the amazing businesses that make it a destination for millions of visitors every year. We have supported local businesses pro-bono, adjusted our rates and services to help businesses suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and are actively seeking to attract more visitors from the Greater Toronto Area.

We see the advantage and potential of promoting local businesses to readers and viewers throughout the Golden Horseshoe and beyond. There are more than 700,000 people in the Greater Toronto Area being of Chinese descent, and we have ensured to develop meaningful relationships with their businesses and readers. Our network of readers and viewers is growing, and our creativity has no limits.

We actively seek out new ideas, niches, and themes to generate awareness, awaken dormant demand, and drive readers and viewers to our clients. We see major advantages in producing short, high-quality videos with positive themes such as beauty, history, and stories of growth and success. We see value in highlighting local entrepreneurs overcoming adversity and providing real meaningful value to their customers. Thus far, we have produced 29 short videos about Niagara Falls, the region, its history, local businesses, heritage sites and buildings, and historical persons. Our videos garner thousands of views, with some reaching more than 40,000 within the first two months!


We have seen interest in the Niagara Region grow as a result of our videos and publications, and are confident in our role to promote the Niagara Region, its businesses, and people, around the world. We are ready to face new challenges, create more value, and help businesses reach new milestones! We are the Business Link Media Group.