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In March, Beeple sold his NFT artwork for 69 million. Jack Dorcy, CEO of Twitter, sold his first tweet NFT for 2.9 Million. King of Leon issued their first NFT album and NBA’s NFT top shot etc.  Also in March, Business Link is going to build its blockchain technology-based media marketplace. How about BL NFT?

What is NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible tokens which is a digital asset. It is a unique token that can prevent it from being interchanged. It is quite opposite of fungible tokens, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, or other cryptocurrencies. 

What will Business Link do with NFTs?
Business Link is publishing a great number of articles. The writers’ contents of these articles are provided by authors, photographers and videographers, which are defined as content creators. These contents can be sold in the form of NFT which continuously produces passive royalty income for the content creators.  

In case of Business Link’s clients, their ads will be published on blockchain social media. No fake news or fake accounts. Real people with real traffic have a real interest in the products or services published. 

Having blockchain as the backbone technology for the content creators, their IP (intellectual property) will be protected. Additionally, NFT will allow them to produce royalty income.  

NFT is not a new word and was in the market back in 2017. However stay-at-home restrictions during covid-19 made them more popular in recent months. It liberates the artists on their digital assets on creativity and their tremendous demand on the revenue generation stream.

Digital assets are trending. Are you ready to leverage digital marketing to adapt to the new world?

Business Link has adopted the new platform to help our community to grow.

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