The Atrium with Sheila DeLuca

Premieres at 8pm on August 12,2020

I am Sheila DeLuca; the founder of DeLuca Leadership and I have partnered with The Business Link Media Group and Spark Niagara to create a program called The Atrium.  We gathered the top business leaders, community leaders, and critical thinkers whose word matches their action, because that is what we need next is, action.  We will interview these leaders to discuss our diverse industries, such as agriculture, health care, education, and technology in Niagara and how they adopted their pandemic pivot by having the thought and care for others.  As Niagara is starting to get traction in our economy, we are at the precipice, the tipping point, that will change our communities forever.  The focus will be on the rising again to the healing and the hopefulness for a bright future in our communities of great opportunity for those who want it, those who want to change, and for those who want to adapt. 

As you would think of growing, cultivating and harvesting a garden, conversations on The Atrium will encourage, empower, and educate on a healthy mindset to help us grow on the good ground of Niagara to become a greater community.  Our shows will focus on a theme, based on the guest stars experience for motivation and encouragement.  Our intention is to allow for the conversations to be open and genuine regarding where we go from here and what matters most. Our stories hope to inspire the professional and business communities, the volunteer programs, and families.

The goal is to bring community together by building bridges, making connections, building relationships and to collaborate with each other through teamwork, integrity, authenticity, respect, kindness, and service to others. While it is also our mission to remind business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, and even employees to know their why. Why they started their business, why they are entrepreneurs, why they are innovators and why are the people who hold the 40,000 plus jobs across Niagara, why are they doing what they’re doing and have the job they have. In doing so, our healthy community will never lose focus of their why even when things get tough and when there are undesirable circumstances which will keep them from moving forward.  Simon Sinek in his book, Start With Why said, “It is essential to know why you do what you do, then to know what you do and then to demonstrate how through top values and principles.”   This will help encourage people to think about what matters now, what matters next, where do we go from here, and what is it do we really want?


2 meaningful quotes by me:

“Niagara has many opportunities for meaningful work, diverse education and valuable volunteer opportunities; however, we just need to be reminded of them.  Sometimes we forget where we live, because we grow so accustomed to it that we do not know what the changes are out there and what new opportunities are coming along.  It is my hope to remind and connect people to the great opportunity we have through The Atrium, and who knows we may even inspire someone to create a job that doesn’t even exist yet.”

I would like to think of it as Covid-19 brought us into Connection 20 that will last for generations to come.  We are in the middle of a miracle, in a moment of life that will make history, we need to embrace it, connect with others, share our stories and persevere alone as well as together.”

Episode 1

The first episode is an interview with Niagara Falls City Councillor, Saint Michael Catholic high school teacher, and family man Victor Pietrangelo and will be released on………………………………. All of us at DeLuca Leadership, The Business Link and Spark Niagara, along with Victor have decided to dedicate this first show in loving memory of Julianne Miszk.  It is our honour to celebrate such a beautiful life and to share a story of drive and perseverance, and one filled with a whole lot of heart.  Locations for the interviews will take place at a variety of locations throughout the Niagara Region to showcase all our wonderful places where we live, work, and play. 






Victor and his wife-Anita