My name is Makayla Rogerson and I am a young mom, an entrepreneur as well as a Model & Fitness Coach. I was born and raised in St. Catharines ON!

I started Modeling in early 2016. My first photo-shoot was with a photography student at Niagara College for her final portfolio. My career took off after I competed in The Supermodel Canada Search in May 2019, where I placed in the top 25 candidates. From there I was scouted to be the Canadian Ambassador for the Miss Progress International Pageant held in Puglia, Italy, which took place in October of 2016. Over the past few years, I've walked numerous runways and have been part of a number of commercial campaigns along with some small film projects; but I also love the fitness world, and being a fitness coach!

Growing up I was always an athlete; I participated on every sports team that my elementary school offered. My favorite sports to play were Soccer, Volleyball, Track & Field, Cross Country and Basketball. Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to play Football, which shall forever remain a dream. In High School, I was part of the competitive dance team during my first 2 years. I was pregnant with my son in the 11th grade and didn't get back into fitness until April 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I wanted to make a healthier lifestyle for my son and me. I now work at F45 Training in St. Catharines as a coach, continuing my own fitness journey, and helping others achieve their goals as well!

I strive to inspire and help others be more fit, feel better, live healthier lives, and achieve a greater sense of fulfillment, regardless of where they may be in their lives.

My philosophy is to love yourself and love what you do!