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Understand the future, NOW

 --Business Link is now on blockchain technology!

Blockchain is the technology of next generation that allows digital information to be immutable, unhackable, and decentralized.

In the media industry, the timestamp technology allows the content creators to protect their own copyrights and eliminate any intermediaries between the content creators and end-users, which means, the content creators don’t worry about their artwork being copied or misused.

Business Link Media Group, as a leading media and marketing company, endeavours to bring more value to its customers and will build a co-shared economy with its valued customers in blockchain technology.

With this cutting-edge technology, BL is able to provide clients a bigger market, a more robust technology and a transparent service.


Chapter I  About 40 Under Forty


What is 40 Under Forty?

’40 Under Forty’ is an award that each year recognizes 40 businesspeople under the age of 40 who have demonstrated an extraordinary level of success in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

It has recognized 1000 winners in Niagara and Hamilton regions, Ontario, Canada since 2003.

What is FORTY token?

Forty token is issued and launched by Business Link Media Group on UTU.ONE, a secured decentralized social media platform built on blockchain technology.

The purpose of issuing FORTY token is to invite and recognize all 40U40 recipients who have been awarded since 2003. It also encourages our community members to hold FORTY tokens and support the community events.

FORTY token holders can mint their NFTs in the market without any gas fee, which not only benefits the creator but also the community members, as revenue is distributed to all token holders via smart contract.

What do we do with FORTY tokens?

You can use FORTY tokens to access the exclusive content, purchase collectable NFTs (non fungible tokens), do advertising in Business Link digital platform, and donate to 40U40 Foundation to support our future events.

In addition, FORTY tokens have growing value in Decentralized Finance (commonly referred to as DeFi) to empower every token holder to have a voting power and shared profit.

How do I get FORTY tokens?

You can download the UTU.ONE app from Apple store and Google Play and register with the invite code “FORTY”. You will be automatically given tokens to join in the 40 Under Forty community.


Chapter II About UTU.ONE Technologies


1. What is UTU?

UTU is the world’s first blockchain-based, fully-fledged value social platform. UTU

stands for “User to User” and is designed to redefine social values to benefit true users. It is a next-generation social platform with facial signup (no ID or personal information, no key management, and account recovery enabled), and features the ability to create communities and tokens, customized community home pages with content moderation, and token management. 

2. What is UTU’s innovative value proposition”?

UTUs Unique Value Propositions:

Real people - 3D facial verification technology to eliminate fake accounts and bots.

Create DAC - Create DACs and DAC tokens with one simple step.

Value exchange – Swap DAC tokens seamlessly and quickly.

Reward Tokens - Rewards users for the right actions and contributions.

Alignment - Align interests between platform, communities, and users to establish a sustainable ecosystem.

Blockchain technology – To provide security and trust.

3. How will UTU protect my personal data?

The company has made a total commitment to privacy, security, and transparency by making a significant investment in blockchain technology. We aim to build a trusted social Network. Blockchain technology has made it possible to maximize security and privacy protection. When people register for their UTU account, only facial recognition is required. No other personal data is needed when creating the account. UTU authenticates users to create a community of users responsible for their content through the transparency of their identities. Meanwhile, users can decide whether to provide their own data and content to gain income, but UTU will never use user data for profit.  

4. Why does UTU use blockchain Technology?

 UTU’s open blockchain architecture and smart contracts create transparency. The blockchain serves as an immutable, traceable history of actions that is available to anyone to review and understand. This transparency means that a user’s history of actions on the UTU platform is part of the “chain’s ledger” record, and users know that this information could be available to others in the community.

UTU leverages the world's most advanced blockchain and AI technologies aiming to revolutionize social media by creating a secure, transparent, using EOS.IO. 

 5. Why EOS.IO? 

UTU's smart contract platform built on EOS.IO will eliminate transaction fees and conduct millions of transactions per second. Also, EOS.IO is environmentally friendly as it uses, we call “dPos,” a delegated proof of stake consensus, unlike bitcoin or Ethereum’s proof of work consensus. Moreover, it doesn’t consume electricity/energy (mining), hence much less impact on the environment.

6. What is a DAC?

The technical term D.A.C. stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Community” and

UTU is at the forefront of this tech and social revolution.

 DAC will have a community home page with customizable features, including the ability to

promote content, design categories, search, link, trend, report, notify, and other content moderations. Its token management features include a wallet, balance, transfers, sell, trade, and your reward history. DAC can establish a token an economic model based on a new production relationship, thereby greatly improving the value of the community and the efficiency of the operation (DAC is using the same concept as DAO -

DAC TOKEN is a utility token, not cryptocurrency, or for any investment purposes or circulation outside the UTU platform.  

  DAC TOKEN represents the identity and benefit for every single member in the DAC. The TOKEN is only utilized within the community for some purposes such as voting, proposal, task, and any verification for community activities.

 Most communities are private DACs, the tokens of which have no price or exchange value. The TOKEN is rewarded to the members who complete the tasks or contribute to the community. It only signifies the DAC members' identity and benefit and circulates within the community.

7. What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) are basically unique digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded. NFT’s are not limited to only artwork. You can create audio clips, video clips, digital items, even blog posts or a piece of writing, and many other creative forms of work to sell as an NFT. Every NFT is unique and can only be owned by a single person or group. 

8. Do you make money by selling NFTs on UTU?


Revenues from NFT sales can be divided into two parts:

1)      Royalties: Any NFT that you create on UTU entitles you to 10% royalties on any subsequent resale.

2)      Initial Sales: Your first-time sale of an NFT depends greatly on which market you choose to sell your NFT on UTU. Your NFT should be sold on your NFT marketplace on your own DAC to earn the most from your initial sales. Based on the default settings, you will earn approx. 80% of the revenues from NFT sales on your marketplace, depending on your token shares.

9. Why would I give away tokens if that decreases the percentage of NFT revenues going my way?

Rewarding your fans with tokens will improve your engagement and help with the promotion of your work. Therefore, even if you earn marginally less in terms of a percentage, the overall price of your NFTs and the volume of your sales will increase. It’s a win-win for all who’s involved and motivated to continue to promote your DAC community.

10. What is the relationship between token ownership and NFT sales?”

The number of tokens you own on a given DAC determines how much revenue you receive from NFT sales. So, if you own 1% of the tokens on a DAC, that will entitle you to a 1% cut of all NFT sales on that DAC. In the same vein, if you sell your NFTs on your own DAC, you will own more tokens than anyone else, and you will benefit more directly from NFT sales.  

The following questions are frequently asked by the new users. 


Chapter III How to Use the App


  • How to earn and collect some tokens?

(Each DAC has its different reward rules)

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  • How to mint an NFT?

(NFT market is available in only a few DACs for now)

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  • How to buy an official NFT?

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  • How to bid an NFT?


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How to create your own DAC?

UTU is currently at its beta test phase. DAC creation is available by manual: Application form, DAC creation information, stake amount submission(at least $1000 USDT in need to issue one million tokens), demo created and then send for your approval, launch privately, on-board education and then set up an official launch date!

Note: The initial staking of $1000 USDT is to set up for creating DAC not for UTU. Another fact is that once DAC is launched in public and token price fluctuates by the market of token buying and selling, not controlled by individuals. 

The above content is provided by UTU onboarding team for the purpose of onboarding newly join users. The content will be updated periodically and please check with UTU's team on the final answers if you have any questions. 

If you want to find out how you leverage blockchain to issue your own token, feel free to contact us by