A Gem on Blockchain
I was born in Canada and graduated from Theatre and Performing Arts from George Brown College. 
Storytelling was a passion of mine from a young age. I remember writing poetry as a kid and my own plays in high school that I'd cast and perform at assemblies. I was never shy to express myself creatively and that's in large part to do with my parents being so supportive and encouraging to this. In my early twenties I experienced the tremendous loss of my beloved mother to a lengthy and hard-fought battle to cancer. The years to follow were not kind and met with their own obstacles but in 2018 a shift happened that would lead me on a still, not so smooth journey to where I am today. I realized that wishing for the things I wanted or hoped would be different was keeping me stuck in this never-ending story of sorrow and the moment I identified it, I became sick of that narrative. I wanted to turn what happened to my family and to my mother into a story of inspiration and hope instead of something tragic and sad because my mother’s spirit and strength is what keeps me going and that’s a beautiful thing. So, I reached out to a coach in Toronto, found an agent I really wanted and relentlessly pursued them until they agreed to sign me with little to no experience, booked a few commercials to start and when things began to feel calm again, I was able to start writing again. I didn’t realize at the time, but I have been planting seeds for the past few years and I’m grateful to see them start to grow. 
Little did I know my networks in the film world would eventually lead me to blockchain technology and UTU. I met a mentor along the way who introduced me to this new world and as an artist, the logistics behind this particular platform are exciting and something I feel is another seed being planted that in the long run, will elevate my career and help me connect with people I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to. I am committed to working with other artists and building my community to give back to people who care about me and I care about. With the help of new blockchain technology, I am able to issue my token and grow the decentralized Melissa K community with my fans and friends.  
Melissa Karimzadeh is a storyteller in both the film and art world. Her directorial debut was an experimental, Indie Horror Short called, 62 Sherry Lane. The short earned her a finalist ranking in several international film festivals and was judged by horror legend himself, Rob Zombie in 2020. Currently, she has launched the trailer to an Original Comedy Series she wrote, directs and stars in called Charlotte Sucks: at Dating. You can watch the teaser on her YouTube channel to see the first glimpse at her new work. In addition to her passion for film, Melissa started her own business called Gems&Thread, a line of beautiful, handcrafted gemstone jewellery. She is committed to telling meaningful stories, physically, visually and spiritually.
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