Cover Story ~ Considerate Cremation & Burial Services Inc.


Continuing to fulfill the need for services at affordable prices in the Niagara region.


Provided by Considerate Cremation & Burial Services

“It has not surprised us that the interest in our business would not be contained to St. Catharines alone,” says Holly Ann Prince-Jensen. She and Bruce Keating McClelland are the owners and operators of Considerate Cremation & Burial Services. “Many people simply do not have the money that traditional funeral service contracts total.”


These two had noticed that there was a need for a facility like this in the area and hence, they are the original Funeral Service Alternative in the Niagara region.


“We are priced below the others as we do not have a large staff or corporate head office,” Bruce says, “nor do we have a large building to furnish and maintain. Our prices are typically 30 to 50% less than the traditional funeral providers. We are transparent, practical and no pressure. It’s just your wishes.”


“We have noticed a steady increase of interest from all over the entire Niagara Region seeking affordable services ranging from full traditional burial to basic cremation,” Holly adds. “We are able to assist with all types of arrangements.”

Entering their fourth year of operating Considerate Cremation & Burial Services, Holly and Bruce have noticed an increasing demand for the services they offer. When a family decides upon the type of service they desire, Holly and Bruce will fulfill their request whether it be a full traditional funeral or memorial service at a church, graveside service or a celebration of life if that’s the desired service requested. All services are held off site.

“We have low overhead,” Bruce says. “We do not have a big building and that was by design. That’s what drives the costs up. Therefore, this is how we can keep our costs affordable. We have a family room that allows families to have some private time prior to going to the crematorium, cemetery or church, and there’s no charge for the use of this room. To provide services, we contact existing venues like churches, chapels or community halls to carry out public or private services as families request. Some families want a basic facility while others request something a bit more elaborate. We can fulfill those wishes quite easily.”

There have been two families who had cited the fact that the prices charged by other providers 10 to 12 years ago were more than the charges of Considerate Cremation & Burial Services today.