Simple Blockchain Primer--for beginners

Here are some primers about blockchain and related topics explained in a simple language. 

  • What is Blockchain?

In a simple word, Blockchain is to record information in an unhackable and irreversible system. Its immutable and time stamp features are validated through bitcoin or other cryptos by peer-to-peer work.

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Understand the future, NOW

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Blockchain is the technology of next generation that allows digital information to be immutable, unhackable, and decentralized.

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TORONTO - September 23, 2020 - (

UTU Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its BETA testing site from its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Canada, for an advanced social media platform based on the most innovative and secure blockchain technology.

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Why you don't see Blockchain in your Everyday Life…yet

Blockchain is a huge buzzword. Even now it’s still a vague concept which is hard to grasp, and many people don’t understand it. How blockchain can impact our day-to-day life? Blockchain can help to increase transparency in the supply chain and provide consumers proof of where the products are coming from. Blockchain can also help people digitally store physical documents and transfer them internationally. Another example, blockchain can help us get back control of our data and give access to whoever we want when we use tons of applications in this digital world.

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